Ergorig Shoulder Mount



It takes the weight, you just operate. We can now have the freedom of an untethered handheld camera without compromising our back health. The concept is simple: prevent spinal compression while allowing an operator to operate handheld like they would traditionally, without affecting the camera's movement or balance. 100% of the weight is transferred from your shoulder and back to your hips, bypassing your spine entirely. There is a way to handhold a camera ergonomically, and this is it. Designed with the health of the Camera Operator as a priority without affecting camera movement and control, weighing only 2.3kg.

With the Undersling attachment, you can now use your Ergorig to shoot underslung while still transferring all the weight to your hips, totally bypassing your spine. The catch/release mechanism uses a small strap to quickly attach it to the top handle of any camera and find the balance point.

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